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About Me

I am a Mexican-American currently based in Montreal, Canada. This coming fall I will be pursuing my university studies in film at The New School in New York City. 

Throughout my academic career, I have found one of my greatest passions to be social justice issues, for which I strive to find solutions. I have explored many ways of involving myself in my community to better understand these issues directly, such as leading the Gender and Sexuality club at my high school, partaking in competitions in which students must create their solutions to gender inequality, and volunteering with Cinema Politica at Concordia University, in which we screen political films weekly. 

Apart from standing up for issues I strongly believe in, I am also an artist. I take part in all forms, such as painting, drawing, photography, film, and writing. Recently my amateur short film “The Prey”, which was created as a school project, was voted first place in every single category within my school’s film showcase. 

For the past two years, I have been following the Montreal-based rock band “Zappien”, as they create and finalize their new album titled “The Good Enough Days”. Through this internship, I worked as the band’s photographer and the co-director and filmmaker for their documentary on the making of the album. Last year, I was able to film alongside them as they recorded at the infamous Abbey Road Studios in London, England.

I continue working hard to find ways of telling the stories of people facing injustices, and the stories of people living authentically.

Awards and recognitions

Voices of Olympia Canada Jury Mention

Awarded to the team with the most innovative project.


Voices of Olympia Canada Certificate of Recognition

Prize awarded for demonstrating exceptional Community Involvement by investing 105 hours in understanding the issue of Technology and Innovation in terms of Education.


Community Service Certificate of Recognition

For outstanding commitment of over 250 hours.

Technovation Special Jury Prize

Prize awarded to the team with the most original idea along with $250.


Technovation Desjardins Grant

Funding of $500 provided to continue progressing the project developed for this competition


who is yaretzi?

Watch my creative self-portrait video! This was created for my university applications.